Friday, March 03, 2006

Enter into the Company of the Holy and Contemplate the Guru's Words (Part 4 of 7)

Sadh Sangat Gur Shabad Viloway
Enter into the company of the holy and contemplate the Guru’s words
Part 4 of 7

Gursikhee da naavna gurmat laa, durmat maal dhovay
Bathing according to the Guru’s instructions, is to take the Guru’s wisdom Gurmat) and to wash away the dirt of worldy wisdom.

Guru ji has told us that when we bathe we should remember God.

‘Kar ishnaan simar prabh apana man tan bhay-i aroga’

Satguru ji says that mind and body are to become disease free. It’s no good just cleaning body if the mind is still diseased. If you clean your body with water, then clean your mind with simran, or rememberance of God, clean your mind with Naam. If you make your body clean then make your mind clean too. And I say when you make your mind clean your body will become disease free too.

What do you say? What was the bath according to Guru's instructions? Take the Guru's wisdom and clean the Worldly wisdom. Guru ji says,

‘Gian maha ras naa-i-ay bhai’
O Brother, bathe in the great essence of divine knowledge.

I make one request, when the body is dirty with outside dirt, we get outside water to clean it. Now how do I clean the inside dirt filling the mind? No matter how new a house is, even with it’s doors locked and windows sealed, after two weeks their is a layer of dust everywhere. Inside my mind there is so much dirt? How can I clean it?

When boring a well, it is dug and a pumping machine is fitted. Push the handle and nothing comes up until the water from outside is forced down, then the water inside the Earth comes up. ‘Keep pushing the handle! Keep pushing the handle!” says the machine fitter, ‘and water will keep coming up. As soon as you stop your garden will dry up.’ To get the water from inside of the Earth, water was forced down the pipe from the outside, the handle was pushed and then the water came up.

Now the water outside can't clean the dirt inside us. We need Amrit to do this, that can wash away the dirt from life after life. Satguru ji fitted us with the machine of the 5Ks, when it was complete he gave us 5 mouthfuls of Amrit in our mouth, sprinkled it in our eyes and hair and said "O Sikh, take the Gurmantr and rehat maryada,” and said, “O Sikh, keep pushing the handle of the breaths repeating Waheguru, keep pushing the handle of the tongue repeating Waheguru, keep memorising Gurbani, keep practising meditation, keep acting on the Guru's words, or else you will commit a major breech of conduct
and have to appear for Amrit again.”

The method was to first give Amrit from the outside, and inside the power of amrit took effect. Such a power is generated inside that the inner dirt starts to be washed away.
Dirty clothes need water and soap to clean them. The soap needs water to wash. Naam soap washes away the dirt of the mind, but Naam soap needs the water of heartfelt love to be effective. Guru ji says,

‘Bhariay mat papa ka sang, O Dhopay naavay kay rang’
when the mind is full with the company of sins, it was washed with love (colour) of naam.

Another thing, when soap and water washed the clothes, the dirt was washed away but the soap went too. I washed the clothes with soap, soap got the dirt out. I added water, water got the soap out. But Naam is not like this. Naam removes the dirt of the mind, but Naam resides in the mind, it doesn't get washed away.

‘Man kee maal jaai,’
The dirt of the mind goes,

‘Amrit naam ridh mahi samaahi.’
and the nectar name resides in in my heart.

Naam resides inside, it doesn't go if you keep heartfelt love. But, where do we get this blessing?

Sadh Sangat gur shabd vilovay
Enter into the company of the holy and contemplate the Guru’s words.