Monday, June 19, 2006

We Win, Than Why Do We Lose?

Waheguru JiKa Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Why is that whenever we accomplish something against all odds, we end up destroying it ourselves?

The Sikhs led by Banda Singh Bahadur toppled the Moghul Rules. All Sikhs worked together to accomplish a common goal. Khalsa Raj was established. Everything was going great. Than Sikhs started getting greedy and in-fighting started. This was than sorted out under Raja Ranjit Singh, and once again Khalsa Raj was established.

Once again, everything was going well, even though there were a couple of Sikh led rebellion attempts against Ranjit Singh. Once Ranjit Singh passed away, Sikhs resumed fighting amongst each other for control. The British started making plans to take over the kingdom, which they didnt dare attack while Ranjit Singh was around. The Sikhs in-fighting opened the door for the British to attack, the British still would have lost, if some Sikh regiments did not sell out. Challo, we have no one to blame for losing our Raj than ourselves.

Than, the Singh Sabha Agitation to get the British out of India and get our Gurdwaras back. Everything went well all Sikhs working together for a common cause. Goals were accomplished. Now SGPC is messed up, Sikhs are fighting again, the freedom we fought for, we are handing back to the GOI and its agents, we have once again been infiltrated.

1984 era, Sant Ji succesfully uniting Sikhs bringing them back into the proper Sikh lifestyle, causes India to tremble at its roots. Longowal et al, get jealous want power, start making problems, invite the GOI to attack darbar sahib, which they would never had dared if not invited by the SGPC leadership and the 'leaders' of the Sikhs.

Look at the present, leaders selling their souls, ruining everything that was accomplished by major sacrifices in the past.

My point? When Sikhs are united and work together, there is not a force in the world that can stand up to the Sikhs. Sikhs will alwyas be victorious when united.

The problem? Once Sikhs accomplish their goal, the in-fighting and jealousies start. People don't want to let go of control for the betterment of the panth, they want control in their hands. They get greedy. This destroys everything that was accomplished before.

The Solution? Learn from our past mistakes, unfortunately we haven't up to now as we keep repeating the same mistakes. 'Leaders' try to keep control to themselves for their own gain and families gain. To them I say, if you were honest to the panth not only would your family be well of, but so would every Sikh family. These families are all our brothers and sisters, we are all one family under our father Guru Gobind Singh Ji and our mother Mata Sahib Kaur. The sooner we realize this, and realize that when we get greedy and move further from Sikhi principles we destroy all the hard work that went into getting us to this point. The sooner we will rid ourselves of all these problems and all these internal and external threats to Sikhi.

Conclusion? Be strong in your Sikhi, do simran, do sewa, read bani, take out daswandh. When they day comes that we rise up and defeat our enemies we must be strong enough in our mind that we dont get greedy, and we learn from our past mistakes and keep Guru Sahib and the beautiful panth at the forefront, and our own selves in the background.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh