Thursday, November 09, 2006


Puran Singh wrote 'The state that Budda reached through his almighty struggle was reached by Guru Angad Dev jee through His Divine Love for Guru Nanak Dev jee'. Everything Guru Angad Dev jee was for the love of Guru Nanak Dev jee - seva at amritvela (before sunrise), kirtan (singing God's praises), langar (free kitchen), preaching, breathing, talking, thoughts absolutely everything was for the Love of Guru Nanak jee.

I used to think Sikhism was about 'seeing the light' or meeting Waheguru jee and because Guru Gobind Singh jee wrote that anyone who calls Him God will go to hell I wrongly thought that I had to praise Waheguru only. The path of Sikhism is to Love Guru Nanak jee's Lotus feet, to build up this love daily by serving Sikhs as if you were serving Guru Nanak jee himself. The Sikh loves the Guru, praises the Guru, looks to the Guru for everything and without knowing it Guru Nanak jee leads the Sikh to Waheguru jee.

In summary do seva and simran of Guru Nanak jee like Guru Angad Dev jee did, the rest is taken care of by Guru Nanak jee - Dhan Nirankar! Dhan Baba Nanak! (Wonderful God! Wonderful Guru Nanak!)

- Author Unknown