Saturday, March 04, 2006

Enter into the Company of the Holy and Contemplate the Guru's Words (Part 5 of 7)

Sadh Sangat Gur Shabad Viloway
Enter into the company of the holy and contemplate the Guru’s words
Part 5 of 7

Gursikhee da poojna, gursikh pooj piram ras bhovay|

Worship according to the Guru’s instructions, is that as the Gursikh worships they enjoy the essence of divine love.

Guru ji has stated about worship:

‘Vin navay pooj na hoi’

without Naam, one cannot worship

So what is the Gursikh pooja, or worship?

Worship the Immortal One, See the Khalsa, Read/Write the Guru’s Word. Guru Ji says,

‘Takar ka sevak agiaa-karee|

Takar ka sevak sada poojaree|’

-The Master’s servant obeys the Command.

The Master’s servant is always a worshipper.’

The real worshipper is the one with God's light inside, this light is always on. The one who lights (Hindu) lamps is not the real worshipper. The one who obeys God's command is the real worshipper. This light eats our dukh, or suffering away. This is light upon light. Not only is it present in one person, but in one after another after another - in everyone. The one who lives in rememberance of God, the one who takes support of God's name, the one who loves God's created beings with love then that one is the true worshipper. God is in every being. See God in every leaf, in land, water and space. See God in one and all. See everyone with the look of love, love everyone then that one is the true worshipper. How is this obtained?

Sadh Sangat gur shabd vilovay

Enter into the company of the holy and contemplate the Guru’s words.