Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bhai Gurdaas Ji, Vaar 38, Pauri 10

bhu suMnI SIA rwPzI mzhb min Bwxy]
mulihd hoie munw&kw sB Brim Bulwxy]
eIsweI mUsweIAW haumY hYrwxy]
hoie iPrMgI ArmnI rUmI grbwxy]
kwlI pos klµdrW drvys dugwxy]
guru isK rom n pujnI gur hit ivkwxy ]10]

There are many Sunnis, Shias, Rafazis and (followers of) religions that please their minds.

Many hypocrites become atheists deluded by illusion and go wandering about.

Followers of Jesus (Christians) and Moses (Jews) are confounded by their pride.

They are English, Armenian and Roman, (stuck in) Ego

Some are blackclad recluses and dervishes, of little value.

They are not equal to even a single hair of a Gursikh, who has sold himself to the Guru (by offering his head in return for naam)