Friday, March 31, 2006

Enemies of The Panth

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Daas just wanted to draw your attention to a radhasoami debate on It is very informative on how our Panth is being attacked.

Two posts I would like to draw your attention to are as follows. In the first one Gurbaksh Singh a former Radhasoami talks about a talk he had with the so called 'sat guru';

Author: gurbaksh singh
Date: 03-02-05 12:47

what i wrote in my previous post was not ficition but truth
i tried my best to be polite
but offcourse if you want to know the whole truth here it is
after the officers of the government of india left i went into the room of your guru and said guru ji we should fight these people just like the guru of the sikhs did
his reply was salia marvona aa sikhan de guru ta asli see mai ta aam jai banda aa
naley mai ta khud eh gal jananda aa ke sada nishana kewal te kewal sikhan nu galt raste pouna aaa
naley sanu ke sikhan de guru ta inaha de pukar te delhi jake sis dee aei see
jadon ke oh ina de dharam vich ukeen nahi karde see eh aa asli guru wali gal
then i took leave from him and the rest you know

So basically the so-called 'satguru' admits that he is a normal person, and he is afraid of the Indian Government and can't give sacrifices like the true Sikh Guru's gave. He also says that his job is only to put Sikhs on the wrong path. Some more background on this is that he was beat up by Government officials and is afraid of them and basically works for them. This was followed up by a muslim gentleman's post;

Author: Maj. Gen . Waris Ahmed
Date: 03-02-05 17:01

I want to Give you some very Important Information Regarding Radha Soamis.
First of all I want to Inform Mr. Gurbax Singh I was there when Indian Army's Commander in Chief starts Abusing Radha Soami's Satguru.
I was Looking at you while Gen. Gupta was Talking to Him. The Anger on Ur Face & the Humiliation.....but I know at that time you were Helpless...
I have nothing to do with your Interest coz I know "Allah is the most Powerfull".
but the reallity was that Radha Soami's Satguru was also Helpless....Radha Soamis are Lucky they didnt Lose their Satguru at that Time.

I dont know why Indian Public so Dumb. Everybody knows in India Meat, Alcohol And Smoke is counted as Bad things and in India Esp. in Punjab the Farmars Drink Wine & they Eat Meat but they dont smoke ( but some of Hindus smokes in Punjab) so Esp. in Punjabi Womens are so Superstisious they Belive in Baba System & they Like such People who Talk about Bad Results of ALcolism Etc. .......but those people dont even think about the Hats ( Nehroo Style) which they Wear.......why they wear those Hats.....
Its just to Adultrate Sikhism. I am not Sikh but I respect Sikh Faith we have stronge Friendships with Sikhs but Indian Govt. is Direct Supporting Radhas.
In Indian History what Radhas Did.
Gurbax Singh you are Lucky that u changed yourself.
Indian Govt. is Supporting :-
1. R.S.S.
2. Rahda Soamis
3. Nirankaris
4. AshuTosh
5. Paniyara
6. Kukaa Mat
I just feel its Important to informe you about this Incident.

This post by the muslim gentleman is very informative, as he tells us who the Indian Government is funding to harm Sikhi and the Panth. As many of you may know RSS is trying to make Sikhs look like they are a sect of Hindus and they also run military style training camps for common hindus so that they can go and do riots and when it comes down to it, eradicate minorities. Radhasoamai's have a fake Guru and relate their teachings to SGGS Ji to confuse the Sikhs and cause more divide. The Nirankari's are also government funded and you have to look no further than 78' and how they made 13 Singhs shaheed. Paniyaara and AshuTosh are travelling around spitting lies and talking bad about SGGS Ji. And lastlyl Kukaa Mat (Naamdhaari's). They believe Guru Gobind Singh Ji lived an additional 100 years and passed on Guruship to Ram Singh, even though Ram Singh was against this.

Naamdharis were known to shake their head really violently and dance when listening to keertan, they were even known to climb trees and start screaming and jump of them. They play this of as some sort of 'ras'. You can see a video that demonstrates some of what I am talking about on Shinda Singhs blog.

Anywyas in conclusion. We must be aware of the enemies of the panth, knowledge is the first step in combating these people.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh