Sunday, March 05, 2006

Enter into the Company of the Holy and Contemplate the Guru's Words (Part 6 of 7)

Sadh Sangat Gur Shabad Viloway
Enter into the company of the holy and contemplate the Guru’s words
Part 6 of 7

Gursikhee da mananaa, gur bachanee gal har parovay|

Acceptance according to the Guru’s instructions is to wear the garland of the Guru’s words around the neck.

Bhai Gurdas ji was travelling, at the river bank the Sikh sangat stopped and started singing the Guru’s words

‘Jal nay dhobay…’

can't drown in water.

Bhai Gurdas ji asked, ‘Why have you stopped at the river bank?’ The sangat replied,

‘the water is too high.’ Bhai Gurdas ji answered, ‘Don't you have faith in the Guru's words that you are singing?’

Bhai Gurdas ji had accepted Guru’s word as true and singing the Guru’s words he stepped into the river and walked through to the other side. The Sikhs in that town went onto to firmly accept Guru in their lives. Waheguru Waheguru resounded thoughout the village. Bhai Gurdas ji said, ‘Guru ji by your kindness we crossed.’ Even when children played in that village, one would fall and say, 'I fell, I fell according to the Guru's hukam, or command.’ Another child would say, ‘I won in Guru's hukam.’ They played fully accepting their Guru's hukam. Each house talked of Guru's hukam.

Now when you do Ardas for a son, ask for a Gursikh child, don’t ask just for a son, or a brother, ask for a Gursikh son, a Gursikh brother. We ask for a Doctor son, or a professor son. Why not ask for a Gursikh doctor or a Gursikh professor? Now, if Gursikh came first in your life, couldn’t they become a doctor or professor.? In this town people forgot their hunger and their pain, but didn't forget the Guru's words. How did they get this blessing?

Sadh Sangat gur shabd vilovay|

Enter into the company of the holy and contemplate the Guru’s words.