Friday, November 17, 2006

Sant Attar Singh on How to Live According to Gurmat Part 3

Preachings of Sant Attar Singh Ji on how to live a life according to gurmat principles:

11. One should not make an appeal for money is Sangat in the holy presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. If everybody contributes his 'Daswandh' (One tenth of one's income) there will be no shortage of funds and all the programmes will run smoothy.
"Ghal Khai Kich Hathon Deh Nanak Rah Pacchane Sayee" (1245)

12. In holy congregation, Ardas (prayer) need to be performed briefly and the requests too be short.
"Vin Boliaa Sabh Kich Janda Kis Aagee Keechai Ardas Nanak
Ghat Ghat Eko Vartada Sabad Kare Pargaas" (1420)

Sant Ji Maharaj also used to advise that it is not appropriate to stand with a naked sword in hands before Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji while offering prayer (Ardas). It is befitting to make a request with folded hands before the Master.

13. One should always use one's tongue for meditation and praising the bounties of the Almighty. It should not be used for evil speaking, back-biting, uttering hateful words, or bestowing good fortunes and curses.
"Rasna Japti Toohee Toohee" (1215)

"Rasna Japae Na Nam Til Til Kar Katiai" (1363)

"Rasna Gun Gopal Nidh Gayan.
Shant Sehaj Rehus Mun Upjio Saglae Dookh Palayan" (174)

14. The highest degree of meditation is to bear adusive, harsh or rough language of any one without any reaction.
"Ustat Ninda Dou Tiagae. Khojae Pad Nirbana" (219)

"Nindo Nindo Moko Log Nindo.
Ninda Jan Ko Khari Piyari" (339)

"Ridae Sudh Jao Ninda Hoe. Hamre Kaprae Nindak Doe" (339)

"Ninda Kare so Humra Meet. Nindak Mahe Hamara Cheet" (339)

"Loken Kee Chaturae Upmaa Te Baesantar Jaar.
Koee Bhala Kahao Bhavae Boora Kahao Hum Tan Deeo Hai Daar."

15. Those are the religious deeds which lead to the achievement of the God consciousness (Atam Pad).
"Sarab Dharam Meh Shresht Dharam.
Har Ko Naam Jap Nirmal Karam" (266)