Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Revolutionaries: Malcolm X

Malcolm X started out living on the streets, a life of crime. Trying to be like the white man by straightening his hair. He went to prison and was introduced to the Nation of Islam. When he got out he started preaching against being slaves, he dressed well,and taught the masses to arm themselves to get their rights and be treated properly.

Malcolm X on a trip to the middle east realized the Nation of Islam was teaching the wrong islam, he came back and preached against them, and continued fighting for the rights of the oppressed. He was eventually assassinated.

He dedicated his life to the cause, and he was never afraid to accept his mistakes and correct them. Without Malcolm X leading the revolution on the streets, Martin Luther King could never have achieved what he had. The peaceful protest by Martin Luther King would never had any teeth to it if Malcolm X had not been in the streets and doing the ground work.

Obviously the Americans don't want to recognize Malcolm X because he took an aggressive stance towards them, while Martin Luther Kingtook a more peacful and friendly stance. So now Martin Luther King has his own day, while Malcolm X is forgotten.

This post goes out to Malcolm X, and the vision he had of bringing rights and freeing oppressed African Americans from the evil society which pits people against each other based on race and money.