Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shaheedi of Guru Sahib

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Daas has been meaning to post this for a long time, but I’ve kept on pushing it back until now. It saddened me deeply when I heard about Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji giving shaheedi at the Gurdwara in BC that was attacked by an arsonist. It also reminded me of last year when Guru Ji’s ang’s were found ripped up in a park in Toronto. Images of Guru Sahibs saroop being burnt in Delhi during the 84’ Massacre also came to mind. These images hurt every Sikh world wide. But what can we take from this?

Guru Sahib has given Shaheedi to inspire us, let us not let Guru Sahibs Shaheedi go in vain. Below is an excerpt from Sant Jarnail Singh Ji’s speech. They are talking about the Shaheedi of Guru Sahib and how it inspired the Morcha. The particular incident Sant Ji is talking about is when the police set fire to one of the Jatha’s busses which contained gutkas and Maharaj Saroop.

Let us draw inspiration from Guru Sahibs Shaheedi and make ourselves better Sikhs, and make sure that we ourselves are willing to take a stand when needed.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

All say Jarnail Singh has done a lot. He has woken up the Nation. Many poets have also written poems about it. I humbly appeal to these poets. Instead of making poems in my name, you should first of all write poems in praise of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Why should you do it? If the Nation is awake today it is because the day of martyrdom of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. September 14 marks the awakening of this Nation. Guru Sahib has offered himself to the fire. If the books had not been set on fire, if copies (of Siri Guru Granth Sahib) had not been set on fire, I am prepared to say with confidence we could not have achieved such an awakening. Khalsa Ji, to preserve reverence for Satguru, the Singhs reached there and peacefully served the congregation. But the cruel Government fired at them and killed the Singhs. There is a Singh, an old man from Buttaran, Channan Singh by name. His son, was a student of the 12th grade. All day he served food and milk to the congregation. When he was going home, he passed in front of the police station. He was shot and killed while sitting in the trolley (of a tractor). We do talk and rightly so, about our Hindu-Sikh unity. We have to live together. The young son of Kartar Singh of Dharde village, was sitting in his trolley when he was shot. Another was from Bolewal - Bolewal is a village near Mehta - all these villages are near Mehta. He, too, was shot and killed. The time came. The dead bodies reached Amritsar. I was not here but all of you who are sitting here must have been. It is possible that you were not here but at Mehta Gurdwara. You were not anywhere else. This happened in that time frame.